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Monday, October 13, 2008

Can you please tell me if the motor controller MC2100 12A listed on your web site is for an Image model # imtl39105.1. It looks the same but I want

Yes it should be. Two ways to tell if they are the same. Your controller should NOT have a "transformer" built onto the board, second your controller should have a fuse on the board.

The first series of this type of controller is no longer available, the only difference was that the power in (white,black) wires were located in a different place on the board. If this is the case the only adjustment you "may" need to make is to lengthen the two power wires. Hope this helps you.
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Maurelio said...

My treadmill have a motor speed controller Model: U-MC 2100-12A.
The picture in the web site for the SKU 241697 is the same. (have a transformer).
My treadmill have two motors. One for the belt (it's working good) and another for adjust the inclination of the belt (this is not working).
How can I be sure if replacing the control board will solve the problem?
The fail could be in the motor or in the control panel?.


Fix Treadmill E1 Error said...

If your treadmill is displaying the E1 error message, it might be a simple fix involving a magnet. Look here for simple instructions with pictures:


Anonymous said...

I've got a Weslo Cadence S5 and it doesn't work.I would like to know if the fail could be in the motor, or in the speed controller, or in the control panel?
The led in the speed controller is on,but when you select 'start' or 'speed up' it becomes blinking one time and the machine stops after 1 sec. or less. can you help me please? (javiflecha@yahoo.es)thanks a lots!!

shivabizconn said...

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zac said...

hi, i have a pro-form 840 treadmill. it stopped working, it turns on but when i start it the display shows calories and distance going but the belt does not move. so i opened the cover and tested the motor with a 18v cordless battery and it started spinning. so im pretty sure its the control board (u-mc 2100-12a) because the red light doesnt light up when i power it. can the board be fixed by an electrician shop? does anyone know what the problem might be? thanks